Consultancy Services

Over the years more than fifty major projects have been undertaken throughout the United Kingdom, many of which have resulted in new strategic initiatives.

The USM team is fully equipped to carry out both short-term assessments and longer-term advisory roles in the following broad categories:

General overview

An independent appraisal, based on our experience and business approach, with a concise report on a project’s viability and recommendations for further action.

In-depth study

Business and customer surveys, interviews with key stakeholders, assessment of demand and supply, viability and sensitivity analysis, and strategic recommendations (including management options).

Ongoing advisory role

Initial study and recommendations, followed by regular assistance working with the development and/or management team - this can include job training and mentoring.

Development partnership

Advising and using our skills and experience, working with a development team from day one on physical design, management structure, financial viability and implementation; potentially investing and taking a stakeholder or risk-bearing role.

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