Project Management & Development

Drawing on its experience across a wide range of regeneration, retail and design projects, Urban Space Management offers a specialised service on mixed use development, retail markets, interim uses and Estates Management to Local Authorities, Landowners, Developers, Town Centre Management, Arts and Educational establishments and Conservation bodies.

Retail and market management

  • The development of mixed use sites, retail and visitor attractions
    (Camden Lock, Gabriel’s Wharf, Merton Abbey Mills, Chelsea Farmer’s Market)
  • Setting up and ongoing management of retail markets
    (Spitalfields, Greenwich, Swindon, Elephant & Castle)

Project management (one-offs)

  • Devising imaginative community uses for temporary spaces earmarked for future development
    (Bishopsgate, Platform 12, The Deptford Project)
  • Creating events, arts programmes and ongoing retail and promotional programmes.
    (Thames Festival, Camberwell Green, Greenwich Food Markets)
  • Creating affordable workspace for the arts community
    (Trinity Buoy Wharf, Creative Space Agency

Development partnerships

  • Advisory role, working with a development team from day one of physical design, management Structure, financial viability and implementation; potentially investing and taking a Stakeholder of risk bearing role.

Long term development

  • Giving the ‘kiss of life’ to problem of rundown retail or commercial sites
    (Elephant & Castle, Sneinton, West Silvertown)

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