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News: In pictures: new studios installation

28th August 2020

Urban Space Management (Container City™) installed new studios on the rooftop of the Main Stores building at Trinity Buoy Wharf. More

News: Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo is welcomed to Trinity Buoy Wharf

14th January 2013

As the set is brought in, sweet operatic tones can be heard around the Wharf as the cast rehearse for their forthcoming shows. Even on a snowy Monday morning, the buzz is tangible as Silent Opera prepare to bring audiences closer to the action than ever before. More

Press: Monteverdi gets the Silent Opera Treatment at Trinity Buoy Wharf

12th January 2013

The Independent’s Jessica Duchen talks to to Silent Opera about their forthcoming shows at Trinity Buoy Wharf. “We’re in uncharted territory, staring at a crystal ball. This glass globe adorns a table at Trinity Buoy Wharf – the Docklands river peninsula devoted to the arts and creative industries where anything can happen and often does. But am I really looking into the future of opera?…” Read article