Stratford Town Centre study


USM were part of the Urban Initiatives team that devised a masterplan for Stratford.  The work took place over a year and involved a wide range of professionals looking at all aspects of the town centre and devised plans for its future.  USM’s input was to devise a short term uses strategy and to advise on related estate management matters.   This work was taken up as a central part of the overall masterplan, which will help expand the town centre, linking the various parts together and guide delivery of over 46,000 jobs, 1,800 workspaces and over 20,000 new homes along with new  a cultural and leisure hub for East London, new schools, colleges and higher education facilities and a new shopping destination. It will also improve the public realm in Stratford with new connections, several new squares, two-way working for Broadway/Great Eastern Road and two new local parks.

Key Facts

Project dates 2010-11
Client LB Newham and Urban Initiatives
Brief Town Centre Regeneration Strategy & Short Term Uses
Partnerships LB Newham. Urban Initiatives led a team of consultants including Shared Intelligence, DTZ, and Arup.
Results In January 2011 the plan was unanimously approved by LB Newham and is their blueprint for moving forward with the future of the town centre.

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