Camden Lock




North London’s world famous mixed use development pioneered a new type of visitor attraction.  It grew from a derelict canal-side wharf in 1974 into a top-ten London destination, with 300 market stalls and over thirty shops, art studios, craft workshops, restaurants, and off-beat trend-setting entertainment.  It transformed the life of the canal with passenger traffic, and pioneered Camden as the “market town” it has become, with nearly 2,000 stalls overall.  Camden Lock has won many awards, and USM’s innovative approach, combining encouragement of small business, imaginative promotion, and arts-based events, has been the successful model for many subsequent projects.

Key Facts

Project dates 1973 - 1999
Uses Market (indoor and outdoor)
Area 32,670sq.ft
Jobs created 400
Investment £12 million
Highlights Capital Radio Launch, LIFT Festival, London Jazz
Partnerships Northside Developments, London Borough of Camden, Capital Radio

A classic example of an entrepreneurial approach to development

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